Downright Slippery Time

Want to add one (or more) days to a date in PHP? Timestamps are simply numbers of seconds, so it seems so easy and obvious to do this:
$mydate = (60*60*24)+$mydate;
or even just
$mydate = 86400+$mydate;
Don’t be tempted! Twice a year, because of daylight saving, the day doesn’t have 24 hours in it; it has 23 (spring) or 25 (autumn). So all of a sudden you are likely to find your code behaving in a manner which is downright weird. Been there, done that. The approved way is just as simple and far less likely to result in hair-tearing:
$mydate = strtotime("+1 day", $mydate);

Edit: here’s a function for calculating differences between times. Untested for resistance to DST, but could be useful in some situations. Ironically, the post he links to about calculating date difference more precisely in PHP (also untested) looks as if it does not take this problem into account. Go figure :-)

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