git: revert a single file to a specific revision

Turns out to be quite easy:

  1. Identify the hash of the revision you want to revert to, e.g. abc123
  2. At the command prompt, type:

git checkout abc123 path/to/file

Why would I need to do this? Don’t ask :) But I definitely took something to heart: git positively encourages you to create branches, and I don’t do it enough. If I had made a branch for the single feature I had a problem with, instead of rolling it into a general “development” branch, I wouldn’t have been at the computer at 9:30 pm tearing my hair out trying to roll back individual files! Lesson learned. But I do one thing right: atomic commits. Make sure each commit relates to a single feature, then at least it’s easy to identify affected files. Commits of unrelated fixes are a Bad Thing.

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